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July 07, 2009

Would you do something silly for your employer?

by admin

Two weeks ago, during an all staff meeting Finance Center FCU was celebrating the NAFCU Federal Credit Union of the year award. To involve the staff in the celebration shirts were designed with an alteration to the Credit Union logo on the front and the NAFCU award logo proudly displayed on the back of the t-shirt.

To make the event fun, management “modeled” the new shirts by accessorizing the shirt in a variety of ways using silly or stereotyped themes and walking the “runway" to Madonna’s “Vogue”. It was a fun way to include the staff in the celebration of this national award recognition and announce a series of dress-down days that incorporate this new shirt.

So our “Madonna” model accessorized her shirt by wearing a torpedo bra over top of her new shirt. The shirt was accessorized by an outdoorsman in a coonskin hat, a cowboy, a business professional, and others. The accessories included swim goggles and inflatable float, neck tie, a formal skirt and heels, and a fishing rod and trekking pole.

So guess what the VP of Information Systems is elected to dress as? You should have guessed one of the stereotypes - The Geek, but I also dressed as a 1950’s greaser.

All in good fun and enjoyed by both the presenters (management) and the audience (staff).

I have witnessed a prominent vendor use their staff like this for a variety of silly or comical events as ice-breakers at their national client conferences. The participating staff is never sure how it will be received by the audience. To tell the truth, I have never seen one of these flop. The staff appears to enjoy putting on the event and the audience usually ends-up talking about it for a while after it is over. As a strategy for creating memorable moments, it appears to work quite well.

So, would you be willing to do something silly like this for your employer?
Have you volunteered or been asked to participate in something similar?
Have you declined an opportunity to participate in a silly event?

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