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Blog > 2010 > April > What Do HSA Plans Cover?
April 22, 2010

What Do HSA Plans Cover?

by admin

medical savings accountHSA health plans cover costs that are normally not covered by traditional health insurance policies like dental expenses, mental therapy, physical therapy, alternative treatments (acupuncture, aromatherapy and homeopathy and ayurvedic treatments), transportation and lodging expenses related to health care and maternity expenses.

HSA benefits include saving money on insurance premiums and on your income tax. In fact, you can call it a double bonanza of sorts. Individuals who stay healthy get a lot of benefits as the un-utilized money is yours, even when not used for medical purposes.

HSA health plans encourage people, to stay healthy as they can get substantial savings if the money is not used and it is a powerful incentive, which encourages people to opt for the health plans.

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