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Blog > 2009 > October > Veronica is a cool kid!
October 05, 2009

Veronica is a cool kid!

by admin


In our continuing series of FCFCU Center Managers, we have a chat with Veronica Ramirez.

Veronica manages our Downtown Center that is located inside the federal building. She started with Financial Center in February 2008. After making my way through federal security, I sat down with Veronica to have a chat.


Eric: What was the last movie that made you cry?

Veronica: Stepmom - You know the one with Jennifer Roberts.

Do you mean Julia Roberts? 

Oh yeah. It is an emotional roller coaster! Bring a tissue!


What do you like about fall?

Trees changing, apple cider, pumpkin carving, camp fires, and friends. But, I dread Winter. Dirty and slushy snow is so gross! I was born in Merriville, Indiana, and I don’t like the cold.


Why are you so cool?

I have a dog with a mohawk! That’s cool. And I get along with everyone because I think I’m a nice person.


What is the best birthday present you ever received?

My car! When I graduated college my car quit and my Dad gave me a birthday/graduation present. It is a black Saturn Aura and it is much prettier than my ’97 Ford Taurus wagon that always broke down.


What is it like to work in the federal building? 

I love it! I have my own staff of body guards! You get to know the people that make the government run. I also like my parking pass and my employees, Missy and Victor, are very entertaining. We see many of the same members and I’ve built a very good relationship with them. I really enjoy it here.


Did you follow a boy band when you were a little girl?

(big laugh) Well yeah, didn’t everybody? Backstreet Boys. Nick Carter is my boy! My Mom is so cool, she took me to the concert in Chicago. It was awesome! I had books on them.



What was your worst subject in high school?

History, but who needs to know history when you have Google?


What activities were you involved in during high school?

I was a flag girl in Color Guard. I was definitely not athletic. I played the clarinet in the band, but I wasn’t a nerd! Don’t make me look like a nerd, Eric! I’m really a cool kid!


Is there someone (other than the executives-which we all admire) that you admire at the Credit Union?

Beth Briggs! She is going to crack up at this, but she is so good at finding answers and is extremely polite. She is the absolute best at follow up. I love it when I need her help! 

I have to agree.  Beth is great!


Watch a lot of TV?

Nope, about 3 hours per week. Grey’s Anatomy is my show. I can’t sit still for very long, and I’m not allowed to control the remote. I flip stations too much! 


Are you a gambler?

Not so much. My boyfriend says that I am bad luck for gambling. He won’t buy lotto tickets when I am in the car with him. I’m not great at games, so I think it is better that I don’t play games that I can lose money playing. 


What do you find gross?

Spiders! Creepy and crawly and just gross! I don’t have an issue with stomping on them, but then I feel really bad.


Thank you for being such a good sport! 

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