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February 12, 2010

Tired of the BIG Bank?

by admin

Losing confidence in the big banks?  I am too.  All it takes is an intelligent person and a search engine and you can find an abundance of articles informing regional banks are failing more these days than before. The FDIC is closing banks left and right, click here for the latest data updated 5 Feb 10 by the FDIC. 

More and more, we are finding trust in our local, member owned credit unions.  Most people come across credit unions when seeking solid rates on loans or financing, but turns out local credit unions can provide much more than that.  In a recent article posted at Money Talk by LA Times' Liz Weston, you can find exactly what I'm talking about.  People are losing heart in big, greedy banks and want to find security in member owned credit unions. 

Being from Indy, the Indianapolis credit union I've found is Financial Center.  In general, banking with credit unions translates to cheaper fees (if any), better rates on loans, thousands of ATMs, and most offer convenient online banking.  Credit union banking is simple and streamlined, and FCFCU provided the savings and money market options I was looking for.  All this, with the piece of mind of supporting my local Indianapolis credit union.

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