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Improving Your Financial Life

Blog > 2009 > October > THE DAVE RAMSEY LIVE EVENT
October 02, 2009


by admin


Last night I attended the sold out Dave Ramsey live event. Ramsey has had a nationally televised radio show on 95.9 in Indianapolis for the past several years.  Dave introduced his financial life history to the audience by telling about his personal bankruptcy when he was in his late 20’s.  He spoke of creative financing that allowed him to build a house of cards with real estate.  He explained, like all house of cards, the house folded and that he swore he would never get in that position again.  Dave spoke of teaching our children the correct way to view personal finance and how to make proper college decisions.  His daughter had wanted to go to the out of state Auburn University instead of the University of Tennessee.  His conversation was a simple one…UT is $5,300 per year…and Auburn is $14,000 per year…What are you getting for your extra $9,000 per year?  She went to UT.


After Ramsey’s bankruptcy he sought out the advice of “older rich people”.  They told him that getting rich over a long period of time is the only way to get rich and stay rich and saving is the only way to get rich…you can’t spend your way rich.  That is the basis for his business and how he teaches people to become wealthy…over a long period of time.   He says that he offers the same financial advice as your grandmother, only he keeps his teeth in.


Working at the Credit Union gives us all a chance to help improve the financial well being of our members.   One of the sites that Dave Ramsey recommends is  If you go to the site and put in an Indianapolis zip code, then you will get Finance Center Federal Credit Union as the number one result. Several of my new members have mentioned this site as the reason for coming to open a new account.  They were looking for a financial institution that cared about them and would take care of all of their financial needs.   We strive to help people build wealth and increase the financial well being of our members on a daily basis.  Come see us!

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