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March 05, 2010

Start saving now with a Money Market Account from Financial Center

by admin

Have you always operated a savings account at your bank?  Are you an avid saver, always trying to find the best deal for the greatest value and storing more in savings than the rest?  Or maybe you struggle with saving money and want to limit your access to you money so you do make poor decisions.  Either way, you may want to consider a Money Market Account from Financial Center. 

Money Market Accounts from your local credit union operate much like a savings account you're used to.  Some key differences include a higher APY and usually limited withdrawals and transfers made from that account.  In a Money Market account you are essentially placing a given sum of cash in the hands of your bank, and they are, in turn, investing your money across many low risk options.

A Money Market with Financial Center is a great alternative to your savings account as it yields a higher APY than most savings accounts and it protects you from impulse buying as you are limited to six withdrawals per month.  

Financial Center offers three tiers of Money Market Account options all based on amount of initial deposit and subsequent APY.  You can manage all of your Money Market Accounts with your credit union banking online.  Open a Money Market today and put your money to work for you. 

If you are looking for advice on how to manage money, or simply learn more about money and the options provided to you, Financial Center can help you.  With Anytime Adviser, an online explanation and advice tool, and scheduled free seminars, you can learn about how to better manage your money and improve your money literacy.

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