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Blog > 2009 > November > Protect Your Checking Account
November 12, 2009

Protect Your Checking Account

by admin

The pending FAIR Overdraft Coverage Act of 2009 legislation in Congress has the potential to dramatically restrict the current overdraft protection on your account. Changes include allowing you to only overdraft your account once per month and no more than six times per year.

When you have used the overdraft protection from Financial Center, it has allowed us to help cover your unexpected expenses or bookkeeping errors. Overdraft protection may have enabled you to pay for something at the grocery store, fill up your gas tank, or purchase a prescription for a sick family member.

The current system allows your Credit Union to offer a reputable service that prohibits you from the embarrassing circumstances of a failed debit card transaction, ATM withdrawal, or check with insufficient funds.

Join us in alerting your Congressional representatives that you oppose the FAIR Overdraft Coverage Act of 2009 and its effect on your current overdraft protection program. Take action now!

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