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Improving Your Financial Life

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March 10, 2010

Is your bank holding you back? Find ease in your local credit union.

by admin

Is your online banking system cumbersome and still requiring you to make multiple trips to the bank every week?  If so, you are banking the old fashioned way.  Banking at Financial Center means no more waiting in lines or rushing to the bank on breaks.  Are you looking for more convenience from your bank or credit union?  Financial Center Online offers convenience at your fingertips 24 hours a day every day.

Not only is online banking with Financial Center Credit Union (FCFCU) advantageous but the easy interface and painless Billpayer application makes the experience a breeze.  I often become frustrated with online banking systems that aren't straightforward and user-friendly but online banking and money management with Financial Center is effortless.  Make multiple payments (Quick Pay) from one screen with the ability to select from your Savings, Checking, or Money Market accounts.  Send out one time payments and add virtually any payee you want. 

FCFCU has teamed with Microsoft Money and Quicken/Quickbooks to bring you even more simplicity through day-to-day money automation.  Service is free when you activate online banking with FCFCU.  Download your account history and receive intelligent methods to manage and monitor your finances.

A primary reason most do not consider a credit union for their banking and financial needs is because of the perception of narrow scope and limited services.  Your Indianapolis Credit Union offers practically every option you can receive at a national, regional or even local Indianapolis bank.  With member-owned customer service, online banking, HSA Accounts, and low Indianapolis loan rates, FCFCU has been offering exceptional and personal service for years. 

Look into membership with Financial Center First Credit Union.

Online banking features provided by Financial Center:

  • BillPayer
    • Send out one-time or recurring payments.
    • Multiple payments (Quick Pay) can be make from one screen with the ability to select from your Savings, Checking, or Money Market accounts.
    • Add any payee that you want (with certain exceptions). 
    • Find/Modify/Delete any payees.
    • View pending payments. Review bill payment history.
    • No charge with most of our checking accounts.
  • e-Documents
    • View and print images of your monthly financial statements and checks.
    • Two years of financial statement history available.
  • Account Services
    • Activate you CheckCard (debit card) online.
    • Purchase U.S. Savings Bonds online.
    • Place stop payment on a check.
    • Open new accounts (Checking, Club, or Savings).
    • Purchase and fund a certificate online.
    • Schedule recurring transfers.
    • Simplify loan payments.
    • Re-order checks online.
    • Control the distribution of your direct deposits. 
      Add/Modify/View automated distributions from your accounts.
  • Personal Finance
    • Review account histories, balances, and detail.
    • Inquire to see details on recently cleared check.
    • Transfer funds between accounts.
    • Make a withdrawal and have check mailed to you.
    • Free to all members
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