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April 24, 2009

I love my Health Savings Account in Indianapolis!

by admin

Last year I was on a "Traditional" health plan. I was paying $54.00 a month for premiums. I paid about $ 2,500 in co pays. Plus I paid taxes on the  money I used to pay my co pays.  In reality it cost me $3935 for health insurance in 2008.

This year I am on a High Deductible Health Plan(HDHP), using a Health Savings Account. I know I will only pay $2,500 for health needs, through my HSA. I will not pay taxes on this money. But wait it gets better, my company contributes to my HSA. In reality when it is all said and done the most I will pay for Heath insurance in 2009 in $2,178.64. What a difference a year makes.
If your company is searching for a provider for Health Savings Accounts in Indianapolis, consider Financial Center.  They offer NO FEE Health savings accounts. I get to keep all the interest I earn.

I Love my Health Savings Account in Indianapolis!

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