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March 24, 2010

Health Care Supplement for Indianapolis

by admin

A quick surf or search of the Internet will reveal a plethora of articles trying to tell you what this recent health care overhaul will mean for you.  As I am sure you already know, most of the changes won't be in effect until 2014, however, a few are immediate once the bill is signed.  Among many of the changes, is the earth shattering catch-22 of anyone who qualifies will be required to have health care.  The government is planning on paying for this through several different programs and tax alterations, but what this really means is up for grabs.  

Regardless, here is the immediate cause and effect:  As many of the millions of Americans pick a health care plan, most will opt for a low-premium payment and a high-deductible payment - the standard choice of the low income family in America.  Not just consumers, but businesses will begin to look into cost-effective options for their employees.  Enter, Health Savings Accounts.  An HSA is for those with such a plan as described before and allows relief to pay medical bills.  Experts are saying this will directly impact the balances of total HSAs in the United States as we move forward. 

What should you know?  Financial Center (FCFCU) has been issuing Health Savings Account Plans for years.  In the last few years, HSA popularity has increased due to the tax breaks and savings for employers.  When it comes to a Medical Savings Account in Indianapolis, Financial Center has the best plan. 

With numerous product options, zero fees, and the opportunity to earn dividends on your HSA, Financial Center is the right choice for your Health Savings Account.

Check into an HSA Accounts with Financial Center. Or, learn more about the credit union banking convenience. 

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