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February 12, 2010

Great News for Parents and Students on Overdrafts

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One of the biggest hurdles to overcome when learning about personal financial management is how to accurately monitor your expenses.  For parents, checking and debit accounts offer a wonderful alternative to a credit card but many can be just as confusing to maintain.  Written checks, debit cards, online purchases and ATM withdrawals can be hard to track effectively.  Children, students and adults alike all are fearful of the consequence that comes with overdrawing your account.  Large initial fees, daily fees and poor confidence can build up unnoticed and quickly.  


Thankfully, Financial Center of Indianapolis, IN offers a solution.  The en genius system, from your local credit union, is called FlexLine.  In short, FlexLine is a flexible line of credit that offers you protection, convenience and privacy.  Think of it as your back up plan, your "oops" factor, your hallelujah angel with wings.  When you accidentally make a mathematical error in your checking, make too large of an ATM withdrawal, or get behind in your checkbook register, FlexLine is quietly waiting there on your behalf to cover up your mistake.  When these accidents do occur, Financial Center will automatically transfer from your FlexLine in $25 installments.  Designed as a solution to overdrafts, FlexLine will give you peace of mind and protection from nasty slip ups with privacy.  When you realize your miscalculation, the credit is as easy to pay off as picking up the phone or turning on your computer. 


Not only will it provide protection, you can also use this line of credit to make major purchases or everyday expenses.  Essentially, FlexLine is a credit account with a specific purpose of your safety in mind.

With the confidence in national banks diminishing, FlexLine is just one more way Financial Center is a reliable alternative for all of your (or your kids') financial needs.  FCFCU is not just another Indianapolis bank, it remains as an institution with valued financial offerings and the highest level of personal service excellence attainable in the market.  


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