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Blog > 2009 > April > Demystifing HSA's for Indianapolis
April 13, 2009

Demystifing HSA's for Indianapolis

by admin

I worked for Radio Shack prior to moving into financial services and they had this tagline of "Demystifing Technology" for obvious reasons the term never caught on but their intent was sound. They wanted to take the mystery and F.U.D. (fear uncertainty and doubt) out of consumer electronics. In the process of using a very bad tagline, Radio Shack sold a lot of cellphones, home audio and more. I feel there is a lot of F.U.D. when it comes to health care options. especially High Deductible Health Plans (HDHP) and associated Health savings Accounts (HSA). So let's try to demystify HDHP and HSA's (wow..just looking at that last sentence strikes some FUD)

I have the pleasure of working with HDHP and medical savings accounts as part of my role with FCFCU. When companies are rolling out HSA's as a new insurance option, I have a front seat in the process and because I get to peek behind the curtain I understand the "why" behind HDHP more than most outside of insurance or human resources. One thing I am sure of concerning High Deductible Health Plans and Health Savings Accounts is if our country ever makes a serious attempt to "fix" our national healthcare issue, it will likely come in the form of HSA's.

So, what do you think? Are you concerned that healthcare cost are almost 10k per employee? Do you have questions about HDHP's and how they work? Would you like sites where you can find additional information? Or would you just like to talk about your healthcare experience, good or bad?

I will share my experiences with health savings accounts as well as financial education surrounding insurance brokers, healthcare providers and more. Ask a question or post a comment. We'll explore together.  

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