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August 21, 2014

Credit Unions on the Rise

Credit Unions have surpassed 100 MILLION members nationwide this month. What does this mean? One out of three Americans is a credit union member. Credit union members were surveyed and reported that they are more satisfied compared to banks. They trust their financial institution over bank account holders.

We want to say a quick thank you to all our current members!

Did you know you could be a credit union member too?

If you had problems with your bank and have had lack of customer service, maybe you should switch to a credit union. Aren’t there eligibility requirements? Yes. Credit Unions need a $5 deposit to become a member. That is it! 34% of people living Indiana are Credit Union members.

Why do over 1/3 of Hoosiers use Credit Unions?

Well… it is simple. We offer better rates and lower fees, personal service and same great products and services as banks. The only question is. How do I start? Come into one of our branches or sign up online.

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