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March 18, 2009

Credit Uniontology

by admin

March Madness is here finally. One of my favorite parts of this time of year is filling out my tournament bracket. Even President Obama got in on the act this year. I enjoy rooting for the underdog teams and usually have a couple of upsets in my bracket. When an underdog beats a large school, it creates the type of excitement that makes March Madness such a great event.

Credit unions are the underdog in the financial services industry. We are typically smaller than some of the more recognizable banks, but we usually provide the same products and services as our counterparts. The difference is that when you do business with a credit union, your membership means more to us since we have fewer individuals using our institution. Your financial well-being is important to us because it dictates our well-being as an institution.

While a larger bank may only refer to you by your account number, a credit union will refer to you by your first name. Which gives you the better feeilng?

As your filling out your tournament bracket, pick a couple of upsets. I've got Virginia Commonwealth over UCLA. What's your upset pick?


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