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Blog > 2009 > February > Beware of Fraud Attacks
February 05, 2009

Beware of Fraud Attacks

by admin

If you receive an email, text message or phone contact requesting account information, consider it fraudulent.  DO NOT respond.

In an effort to shut down the sources of these fraud attacks, please forward any emails, text or phone messages to

Recently, many Financial Center members and non-members have been contacted via text messages in a fraud attempt. These attempts have directed the recipient to call a specific phone number to reactivate their debit card. DO NOT CALL these illegitimate numbers. This is an attempt to gather your account information in order to deplete your account of funds.

The calls usually ask for account numbers, names, SSNs, credit card numbers or a combination of the previous pieces of information in attempt to commit fraud. Financial Center will never ask for your account information via phone, email or text message.  

Financial Center is diligently investigating these fraud attacks. Financial Center's website has not been taken over nor has there been a breach in the credit union's security. In addition, there is no threat of fraud or identity theft unless the email or phone recipient provides this information to these criminals.

These emails, call and texts did not originate from Financial Center; please do not respond.

If you have not responded to one of these attacks, your account information has not been compromised.

Financial Center will never contact you via phone or email to ask for your personal financial information.

Any phishing emails should be forwarded (from the original recipient) directly to If you fear that you may have given out your account information to an illegitimate source, please contact Financial Center at 317.916.7700.

Always use the number on your debit/credit card or on your account statement to determine if this is a legitimate contact from your financial provider.

If you have any further questions, please contact Member Services at 317.916.7700 or 1.800.473.2328.

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