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Improving Your Financial Life

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September 09, 2014

Be healthy: help your body and your wallet


At Financial Center, we promote good health. You might be thinking health in terms of physical wellbeing. You would be one- third correct. This post is intended to create physical and financial wellness and adding a dash of community involvement. Below are some ways to improve your health, budget and community involvement.

Local Food

You can help the community in several ways. Growing your own food is an option if you have the space and the time. You would save money and have fresh food. Another option is buying from your local farmer’s market. There are a lot of farmer’s markets around central Indiana. You would help support your local community and get fresh food straight from the field.

Smart Shopping

Some simple tips helping you stay within your food budget are listed below.

  • Make a list and use coupons. Having a plan before any “game” is essential to accomplish your goals. Find different stores offering discounts and hunt through newspapers and online for coupons. The time you take doing this will help save money.
  • Buy whole foods. What are whole foods? Have you seen food that comes in boxes? Those food items are processed foods and not whole foods. Unprocessed foods are more nutritious and are whole foods.
  • Stay in season. Pick foods that are in season. I know you will get cravings for strawberries in fall or pumpkin pie in spring. Find ways to adjust your craving habits. You will save money when eating in-season foods.
  • Bake bread. Do remember the bed time story “The Butcher, The Baker and The Candle Stick Maker? Maybe it is time to bake your own bread. Again you will need to research what you need for ingredients and baking time. Yet, you will have baked bread for less cost than purchasing. And the bread will be fresh!
  • Eat before going shopping. Remember when your parents said do not eat before you go swimming? The exact opposite can be said when shopping. You will hungry. Your stomach will be grumbling and making noises. You walk down the aisle and get hungrier. Eat a snack or a meal before going to the store. You will be happier and your pocket will be heavier with all the money you saved.
  • Stock up and Freeze. Some people have an apprehension about storing food. The thing is we have been doing it for centuries. There are plenty of ways to stock up and freeze food to keep it from spoiling. Plus, you will have more food for less cost.

These tips are options. And they can be good options if you have the time. In today’s world, we seem to have less and less time. Maybe we need to rethink how we eat and budget. Our mission is to help you live a better life. We hope you take a few of these suggestions and see if they work. We would like to know the results. In the meantime, please check out our website for other ways to build your financial health.

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