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February 15, 2010

Affordable Auto Coverage in Indianapolis

by admin

Last week, a close friend took his car to the repair shop to fix its broken transmission.  He ended up needing major work done on the transmission. The procedure cost him over $2000.  That started me thinking, my own vehicle is pushing 120K miles and threatening repair work of its own.  Yesterday, I made a decision that I am confident in and leaves me at peace in the face of an inevitable breakdown.  

I was searching for auto coverage in Indianapolis, when I discovered a program through Financial Center's Auto and Consumer Loan section.  For literally pennies-a-day I was able to enroll in their Mechanical Breakdown Protection (MBP) program and have complete confidence of full coverage.  Through an easy, no obligation, free quote I found just how affordable extended warranty through FCFCU could be.  My vehicle qualified for Main Street Coverage and gave me complete peace of mind on all aspects of my car.  Engine, transmission, drive, A/C, brakes, cooling, fuel components, electrical, all standard parts and labor covered through Financial Center's MBP program (click here for full list of coverage).  I couldn't be happier knowing that if my car bites the dust tomorrow, I won't be hit with massive, out-of-pocket expenses that could break the bank. 


Check out what I saw in Financial Center's auto products here.  Fill out a free, no obligation quote, or learn more about FCFCU's MBP service. 

Financial Center is a local Indianapolis credit union built around the principles of member-owned products and services.  If you are looking for a dependable auto loan in Indianapolis or affordable road side and repair coverage for your vehicle, FCFCU can help you.  

Beyond auto, learn more about credit union banking, money management and money education at Financial Center of Indianapolis. 

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