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April 07, 2010

5 Reasons to Have a Credit Union Credit Card

by admin

federal union credit cardA credit union credit card is issued to members of our credit union and comes with a number of protections and benefits, which your bank may not be able to provide.

5 Reasons To Have A Credit Union Credit Card:

  • Interest rates are capped – There is a limit to the interest rate, which can be charged by a credit union and there are legal provisions regarding this. The interest rate cannot be more than 18%. Banks do not have such a cap on the interest rates which makes them very expensive.
  • Interest rates are lower – The interest charges on federal credit union credit cards are much lower.
  • Less fees – The fees charged are quite less. The penalty amount in case of nonpayment is also significantly lower.
  • Members own the credit union – The members of the credit union get a number of benefits, which are generally not available to bank customers.
  • Excellent service – The customer service is always better with a credit union. 
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