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Personal Finance

The Hub

Jeff and Lauren used The Hub to pay down their debt and save for a new home. Click the video above to learn how.


Do you ever reach the last week of the month wondering where all your money went? Personal finance tools offer a great way to track how your money is being spent and help you get a better handle on your entire financial picture.

An online financial management tool is a budgeting and cash flow management resource that provides you access to all of your financial accounts in one place. Financial Center offers The Hub in online banking to help you do just that.

The Hub can help you in many ways:

Set and stick to a budget - If financial discipline is difficult for you, this tool can help you place limits on monthly spending categories and help you monitor your progress.

Categorize your spending - Trying to spend less each month? By tagging transactions in categories such as "dining out" or "gasoline", you can quickly and easily see where your money goes and where cutbacks can be made.

Set and manage savings goals - Do you want to pay off debt or save for a vacation or a big ticket item? Use The Hub to help you cut back on categorical spending and stay on track for your savings goal.

Be prepared - The Hub can help you forecast for bills and deposits so that when a bill such as your car insurance comes due, you are prepared.

Try out The Hub in online banking today! 

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