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Consumer Fee Schedule

Member Services  
Account history charge (one month) $5.00
ACH stop/revocation of authorization $33.00
Check by phone $10.00
Check copy charge $5.00
Check printing charge depends on style ordered
     (Free exclusive design check printing with eStatements)
Check returned Refer to Maker $33.00
Check returned UCF $33.00
Coin Counting ($250 daily coin limit) Free
Directo a Mexico $5.00 processing charge (members only)
Directo a Mexico $20.00 research charge (members only)
Dormant account charge
     (No activity past 24 months, balance less than $1,000)
Express mail charge $20.00
Faxing charge (non-loan) $5.00/package
Inactive account charge
     (No activity past 12 months, balance less than $1,000) 
Incoming non-member wire transfer $25.00
Individual taxpayer identification number $25.00
Internal collection item charge Amount of direct cost
International outgoing wire transfer $40.00
Money orders (maximum $1,000) $2.50
Non-member cashing member check $5.00
NSF deposit charge (check, ACH, or Debit Card) $33.00
Official Credit Union Check $5.00
Official Credit Union Check
      (reissue of consumer check)
Official Credit Union Check stop payment charge $33.00
Outgoing wire transfer charge $25.00
Overdraft charge $33.00
Overdraft transfer charge $6.00
Postage due charges $1.00 + postage
Post date check handling charge $33.00
Removal of stop payment $33.00
Research/Statement reconciliation $30.00/hour
Returned mail charge $5.00/month
Saturday express mail charge $30.00
Statement copy charge $5.00/statement
Stop payment charge $33.00
Temporary checks (pack of ten checks) $5.00
Travelers cheques No Charge
VISA® Gift Card $2.50
Deposit/Payment Returned Items (NSF)  
Deposit account written by member $33.00
Deposit account third party returned $15.00
VISA® Credit Card payment (additional provisions for credit cards, fee will be up to the payment amount, not to exceed $25.00) $25.00
Loan account payments $25.00
Savings Accounts  
Health Savings Account direct transfer $25.00
Individual Retirement Account(IRA)direct transfer $25.00
Member's Choice Club Accounts  
     Minimum balance charge (after first 60 days) $3.00/month
     Early withdrawal charge (per withdrawal) $20.00
Re-open Savings within six months $15.00
Savings minimum balance charge $3.00/month
Special Savings  
     Minimum balance charge (after first 60 days) $3.00/month
     Excessive withdrawal charge (more than three per calendar year) $20.00
Student Savings $3.00/month
     Over 18 or not full-time student age 23 or younger  
     Waived if under 18 or full-time student age 23 or younger  
BillPayer Charges   
BillPayer NSF charge  $33.00 
BillPayer research charge  $20.00 
BillPayer stop payment charge  $33.00 
BillPayer transaction copy charge  $20.00 
Money Market Accounts   
Money Market minimum balance charge
      (waived with $1,000 minimum balance) 
Premium Money Market minimum balance charge
      (waived with $10,000 minimum balance) 
Prestige Money Market minimum balance charge
      (waived with $50,000 minimum balance) 
Premier Money Market minimum balance charge
      (waived with $100,000 minimum balance) 
Checking Accounts   
Free Checking  Free 
Impact Checking - Waived if this account receives eStatements and has an ACH credit and/or direct deposit of $500 or more per month $8.50/month
Interest Checking  $7.00/month. Discounted with direct deposit to $5.00/month. Waived with $1,000 average daily balance 
Re-open checking within six months $15.00
VISA® Gold Home Equity   
Extra card charge  $5.00 
HELOC processing fee  $129.00 
Late payment charge (5% of payment due, minimum $20, maximum $50) $20.00 - $50.00 
Over limit charge  $20.00 
Statement copy charge  $5.00 
VIP Express card fee  $15.00 
VISA® convenience check NSF $25.00 
VISA® Platinum Credit Cards   
Copy of a check payment  $15.00 
Copy of a convenience check  $15.00 
Copy of a statement  $5.00 
Late payment charge  $25.00 
Replacement card standard  $5.00 
VIP Express card payment  $25.00 
VISA® Convenience Check NSF  $25.00 
Document copy fee $25.00 
Loan extensions/skip pay  $35.00 
Mortgage loan modification  $299.00 
Mortgage payoff letter $75.00
Mortgage subordination charge $250.00
Mortgage wire transfer charge  $25.00 
Debit Card   
All transactions at FCFCU ATMs  Free 
Debit Card inquiry charge at foreign ATM  $2.00 
Debit Card overdraw charge  $33.00 
Debit Card transfer charge at a foreign ATM  $2.00 
Debit Card withdrawal charge at a foreign ATM  $2.00 
Debit Card withdrawal charge -international  $3.00 
Debit Card withdrawal charge -POS  Free 
Erroneous deposit charge (empty envelope) $100.00
First three (3) ATM transactions from a checking account at foreign ATMs  Free 
Reissue of card and PIN  $5.00 
Safe Deposit Box   
Drilling box charge  $150.00 
Lost key charge  $150.00 
Legal attachment or garnishment charges  $30.00 
Legal processing of tax levies  $30.00 
Legal research per hour $30.00
Verification of deposit  $10.00 

Effective Date 1/15/14

Your savings federaly insured to at least $250,000 and backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government: NCUA, Equal Housing Lender, ESI